Russia embarks on three major projects to supply Siberian gas to European and Asian countries

Moscow (online) Russia, the world’s largest gas exporter, is pursuing three major projects to supply gas from its Siberian region to Europe and Asian countries, which will increase its exports as well as political influence. Will increase. According to media reports, Russia is working on a Nord Stream 2 project to make the gas supply to European countries possible, with the installation of 2 major gas pipelines nearing completion. Europe at this time

The 55 billion cubic meters of gas is being supplied annually, which will be doubled to increase, especially to Germany. The project is estimated to cost 9.5 billion euros ($10.6 billion), half of which will be paid by Russian national oil and gas company Gazprom, while part will be paid by European partners. The United States, Eastern and Central European countries, especially Ukraine, have opposed the plan. The project, he said, will increase Europe’s dependence on Russian gas, which it can use to influence these countries. US President Donald Trump has even threatened sanctions on the project and its partners. The second major project is to supply gas to China, which will supply 38 billion cubic meters (1.3 cubic feet) of gas per year to China, a project that is 3,000 km (1850 miles) in length, starting from the far eastern region of Siberia and the city bordering China. The $400 billion projects, which was signed in 2014, will be completed in 2025. Despite years of strained relations with Russia, Europe still has a major gas buyer, political analysts say. Turkey is also one of the buyers of Russian gas. Russia will supply gas to Turkey through the Gas Pipeline across the Bluestream and the Balkans, the Turkish Stream project consists of two pipelines that are passing through the Undersea, one for Turkish consumers, while one for Turkish users, while the other to South and South-Eastern Europe. The g. Each of these lines has a gas supply capacity of 15.75 billion cubic meters per year. Russian President Vladimir Putin and his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan want to launch the project in January, as the Nord Stream 2 gas supply project will pass through Ukraine.

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