Pakistan Stock Exchange’s decision to appoint a local MD

Pakistan Stock Exchange has decided to appoint local candidate KPSX as Managing Director in the context of past experience. According to PSX Chairman Suleiman Mahdi, 40% of Chinese partners in the stock market will be approved by the end of December 2019. DX will be appointed. PSX also recommends Chinese partners to nominate Pakistani candidates instead of foreigners to the post of MD of Pakistan Stock Exchange, so that the PSX Board of Directors Nominated by one of the most successful candidates could be the unanimous appointment of a Pakistani candidate. Sources said that the PSXHR Committee has shortlisted the names of 15 candidates. Among those candidates, 3 names are undergoing the Capital Market. KSEVP Suleiman Usmani, Asian Development Bank Consultant and former Commissioner ECP Aakif Saeed, as well as current Director of PSX Board Nazchaohan. MDK in PSX so far after approval The deployment of the new MD is expected to be done by the end of December 2019, after a lengthy period of 7 months, according to claims by Chairman PSX.

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