Manufacturing and sales of cars in Pakistan decreased by 44% during the four months

Production and sales of cars in the country recorded a decrease of about 44% during the first quarter of the current financial year. According to the statistics of the Pakistan Automotive Manufacturers Association, sales of 40 thousand 586 cars were recorded in the country from July to October. Production In the first quarter of the last financial year, production of 80 thousand 741 units was recorded in the country. According to statistics, production of Honda cars in this period was 71.19 Percentage and production of Suzuki Swift saw a 63.25% reduction, Toyota Corolla’s output dropped to 60.21%. Suzuki Clients recorded 33.92 percent production, Suzuki Wagon R production 75.97 percent and Suzuki Bolan production a 72.19 percent decline. During the current financial year, Suzuki Altoky’s production of 16,991 units was recorded as all sales, while the reduction in handicrafts production was 67.69%.

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