Great growth in the stock market, great news was conveyed to the people

Economic Affairs Minister Hamad Azhar has said that with the PML-N inheriting a mountain of problems, Pakistan has never faced an economic crisis that the previous regime left in 2018, less than the first quarter in the last 13 years. The biggest deficit has been recorded. In his statement, he said that due to the positive policies of the government, investment from abroad was restored. After August 19, the stock market increased by 11,000 points, Pakistan facilitated trading. 28th position in the ranking He said that when the PML-N learned that the people would reject it, a conspiracy was made against the economy and the PTI government got its problems in the mountainous heritage but we faced challenges. What is the economy and the economy is moving in the right direction, which will bring about a positive change in the situation with a gradual increase.

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