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The only person who actively endorses the Kanye 4 Mayor campaign is Ben Shepard. He is an artist and writer.

He is FINE being the only human being who endorses this because insofar as (1) he lives in Chicago some of the time, (2) there has to be a mayor of said entity, (3) better it be Kanye West than Rahm Emmanuel.

This is (A) because Chicago under the West administration would be a happier one for most humans who live in it (this is conventionally the “goal of politics”) and (B) because the arguments would be realer, more interesting, and more political than they are now.

If you agree with this reasoning you can email Ben and he will put your name here in support.

If you are Kanye West or somehow officially connected and have any kind of feedback that would be interesting as well.

His email is

shepard.ben at gmail.com.

They used to feel invisible.

Now they know they invincible

K. West - Champion.