How could things be any different?

Change requires widespread discontent with the current direction, a viable alternative and the right kind of leadership.

There’s plenty of discontent.

Chicagoans took to the street to support the teachers union, spoke out against the school closings at city council meetings, and picketed mental health clinics.

What’s the problem, then?

The current regime controls the entire political administration of the city. It is organized. It has a  plan and a big public relations budget to lie about the plan.  The lie is that the plan is good for “Chicago” and not a narrow elite within Chicago.

Many, maybe even most, Chicagoans might disagree with this vision of the city and willing to fight against it, but the discontented are divided.  There isn’t a common plan and a leader to make it happen

What would the goals of the strategy be?

A New Chicago built by, and for, every Chicagoan.

The strategy involves a very diverse set of tactics organized by a very diverse set of humans.  Some might include:

  1. A campaign to raise the minimum wage to fifteen dollars.

  2. Public use of all public spaces.

  3. Support for all workers trying to organize their workplaces.

  4. Garden allotments for all Chicagoans.

  5. Decriminalization of drugs.

  6. Community gardens and tool sharing facilities

  7. New religious movements of all imaginable types.

  8. Making large institutions like the University of Chicago to contribute more to the common good.

  9. Stop all deportations within city. Declare Chicago an asylum city.

  10. Intentional living.

  11. Ending insane TIFF funds.

  12. Free municipal internet. 

  13. Support for worker-owned cooperatives,

  14. Transferring power to neighborhood councils.

  15. Meaningful partnerships with organized labor.

  16. Developing a new public transportation system responsive to the needs of the inhabitants. 

This sounds interesting. Why do you need Kanye at all?

Nobody in Chicago are organized or powerful enough to lead the movement. 

“Leading”  means providing enough charisma to motivate massive public participation and enough organizational savvy to make that participation meaningful.

Who is like that?

The ideal candidate has three qualities. (1) They share a vision of a New Chicago for and by all Chicagoans.   (2) They are famous, because fame is crystallized charismatic authority and this kind of big change needs significant authority. (3) They are not associated with existing Chicago politics and willing to use creative methods.

Kanye West is famous, not associated with the existing power structure and clearly willing to use creative methods.

There is no way to tell if he shares the vision of a New Chicago but three pieces of evidence suggest he might be.

First is the fact that he grew up in the South Side and presumably understands the situation.

Second are the politics implied by the lyrics and remarks as quoted all over this site.

Third is the final track of My Beautiful Dark Twisted Beautiful Fantasy.

Not to be rude but is this a media stunt or a propaganda campaign?

No.  I’m serious.

I don’t like the direction that the city is heading in and think that an internally diverse, multipronged social movement lead by a charismatic and problematic leader is the best way to ahead another direction.

Kanye West is the best such leader I can think thought of, so that’s why I made this website and am organizing this show.

I’m provisionally with you on the strategy, and believe that Kanye is brilliant, talented, maybe I don’t like everything, but I recognize genius is there, but I’m worried about his chops. If he’s running to win, he needs to be prepared to win, which means being disciplined enough to resist all the incredible pressure to compromise.

Consider all the political skill it takes to rise in the position in the music industry. Consider, as well, the fact that Kanye doesn’t need to be corrupt, to take bribes. What would matter? His reputation, and that depends on how well he does, how far he can go, how good Chicago becomes.

Who are you?

Who I am is described here. I’m organizing an art show, and I made this website, and I’m going to write an article.  If there is anything else you would suggest, let me know.

I think that's a  responsibility that I have, to push possibilities, to show people: 'This is the level that things could be at.

K. West - Interview New York Times.

As a celebrity, as soon as you become a star, as soon as it pops off for you? At that point, you stop growing. As soon as you don't have to wash your own dishes any more. I was like trying to get somebody to jog for me the other day. 

K. West  - Radio Interview November 2010  

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